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Construction of prototype trimaran Vitar23 s2con has signed a letter of intent for partnership cooperation on the VITAR project with the company Scek-Cindric ltd.... more

Presentation in MINGORP Project Vitar has been successfully presented in the premises of the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship ... more
Presentation in MINT Project Vitar has been successfully presented in the premises of the Ministry of Tourism's (MINT) ... more

Investors in the Vitar promotion

The investors
come from diverse business sectors.

Vitar23 offers a dynamic and attractive presence, presentation and promotion for investors that are looking for a fresh approach to the demanding market.
While investing they are also contributing to the promotion of sports and the upgrade of nautical tourism.

The investors do not only promote themselves but also become the force behind the improvements and growth of sports in the community giving young sailors the opportunity to train and race with the assigned trimaran Vitar 23.

Through media coverage the investors,( individuals or organizations ) are presented both on the National market and the World market.


Why invest?

By investing in the development of nautical tourism and the promotion of sports there is a positive feedback from the public.

Financial gain

  • In comparison with other possible types of investments in branding and marketing this shows financial savings and a higher level of promotion.
  • 170 m2 of commercial area that is active, attractive, fun, visible ...

Mutual interest "win-win" strategy

  • The investor not only gets to promote himself but also gives something back to the user , which gives results in the users remaining faithfult to the brand.
  • realized the role of "benefactor"
  • Presence in the local community and improved relations (company) - customer

Global market presence

  • Daily presence on the global market - daily sailing brings the brand into direct contact with the public on a daily basis.

Competitive spirit

  • The company that invests in the promotion of Vitar becomes in the eye of the public, a company that has a sports , competitive spirit, a vibrant and dynamic feature.

Multi Marketing

  • Media coverage of the races provide a presence in all media, because of the attractiveness, extreme dynamics ... (possible capsize in the event of extreme trimaran sailing ...)
  • Television, radio, print media, Internet ...

Global market access

  • The organization of exciting races, international races and events that promote the races, contribute to the exposure of the subjects included in the international market.
  • The project will include neighboring countries, and so contribute to its internationalization.


  • By creating a group of investors (20 in the new series, trimaran), we become self sufficient, we create a new product (an event of interest to the media - project Vitar).
  • We generate a sustainable and recognized project, recognized by the public as "good" for all parties involved


  • At the present time the media is greatly affected by negative feelings and trivial information. The media and people are hungry fo just the opposite.
  • We offer a new product that radiates positive energy, carries positive values, promotes healthy living, sport and team spirit, friendship, the inclusion of a wider spectrum of people in positive events..

Team building

Trimarans may be used, when out of the racing season, or pre-negotiated terms for

  • Vitar charter sailing
  • Corporate Racing
  • Team building
  • Educational Programs
  • Tailor made programs


Investment cycle

The estimated duration of a single package, "Vitar promotion" is a race series of 12 regattas. (Minimum 12 months). When the investment in the package "Vitar" promotion is extended, the amount of investment is reduced by certified wholesale value of the trimaran Vitar 23, and increases the value of the license .**

Each investor shall appoint one representative in the Vitar PROMO, a body which acts in the interests of all investors, and whos decisions direct the future development.

Each investor has access to the manufacturing process, and insight into the cost of each component of the vessel.

* Pre-calculation wholesale value of the trimaran = 85,000.00 €, prior to the start of production, the price does not include the cost of the organization of the regattas or the maintenance of the trimaran.

** Value of the licenses will be determined later, but before signing the contract for "Vitar promotion".

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