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Construction of prototype trimaran Vitar23 s2con has signed a letter of intent for partnership cooperation on the VITAR project with the company Scek-Cindric ltd.... more

Presentation in MINGORP Project Vitar has been successfully presented in the premises of the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship ... more
Presentation in MINT Project Vitar has been successfully presented in the premises of the Ministry of Tourism's (MINT) ... more

Yacht Clubs

The Yacht Clubs
that are involved in the project Vitar are selected by the project management of Vitar in co-operation with National Yachting Association and the Investors.

The Investors award the Yacht club a trimaran Vitar 23 for use, and while in return the club has an obligation of regular training on the brand trimaran and has to organize at least one race event and participate in other racing events in Vitar23CUP.

The club is obligated to organize (in co-operation with the investor) at least one regatta in a pre-agreed period, which is correspond with the annual racing calendar of events, Vitar one design trimaran race (Vitar 23 CUP).The local community, the tourist board, the city, and all others interested parties,are involved in the organization of this project, under the leadership of an elected Yacht club and group Vitar PROMO.

In Croatia there are 111 registered yacht clubs. Clubs are selected according to their capability and experience in organizing such events. It is also preferable if they have a good liason with the local community. The number of members each club has is additionally something that is taken into account when awarding the rights to organize regattas.

Organization of the regattas / race calendar Vitar 23 CUP

Vitar23CUP is a competition that is held all over the world.

Each country participating in the Vitar 23CUP organizes a national championship, which consists of a number of regattas.The local organization of project Vitar determines the number of racing competitions in co-operation with the local National Yachting Association and Investors. Twelve(12) regattas are recommended within the year. The regattas are international, and results at each race will serve as scoring points for the National championship and World Cup.

The World championship with 100 vessels, takes place every two years in a appointed country. The number of participants each country has is determined by points won in national championships and at international regattas.

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